OurWatch is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.  We provide equine assisted wellness and resiliency training dedicated to First Responders and their families.  First Responders are unique in the fact that they experience abrupt, high-stress and sometimes life-threatening events each time they are at work.  These cumulative events can have a stressful impact on an individual and their support system.  With the help of the OurWatch team, immediate guidance can improve outcomes and provide relief and tools to help manage the impact of the trauma that First Responders experience.

The therapeutic power of the horse, along with support from a licensed mental health professional and equus certified coaches, helps participants gain a better understanding of how their inner dialogue affects all aspects of their lives.  The program benefits those who desire healthy change, who want to embody genuine leadership, improve the quality of their relationships, and explore a deeper level of trust.   When our heroes are at their best they carry it forward to their families, communities, and the people they serve. 

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